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AllPower is a world leader with a strong track record in solar systems, powering consumers with quality service, reliable equipment and +35 000 systems since 1974 in the industrial and agricultural market, in 2001 Allpower expanded their reach and began catering for the domestic markets.

AllPower Manufactures, installs and exports robust solar powered pumping systems for the toughest African terrain, into Zambia, Mozam- bique and Botswana, as well as in Australia, Spain, Mexico and America.The AllPower systems’ power households, businesses, farms and communities.

They have gone the extra mile to assist in extracting direct sunlight across the ever changing seasons, ensuring the maximum output topower and irrigate your isolated places, made possible with patented,engineered, galvinised and seasonally adjustable foot mount frames.

AllPower CEO - Terry Moss, multiple South African National Motorsport Champion and Moss racing team principal; seasoned and experienced in electrical and mechanical engineering; pioneered the robust Africanterrain Solar systems in the 1900's. He has further developed AllPowers’products with the added Moss Racing Team engineering and winning expertise.

AllPower not only gives leading turn key solar products but ensures you have first place expertise and support throughout your installation. The proof is in the performance, with +45 years of solar successes.

“Due to an unreliable and expensive electricity, it is increasingly important to ensure backup systems and alternative primary power supply for essential or even daily tasks. ALLPOWER provides , Solar grid-tie systems for home and industrial use. Solar battery systems for homes / farm houses - independent of the national power grid. High volume solar water pumps (no batteries, three-phase). Solar powered irrigation systems of any nature. (No batteries, three-phase). Center Pivot irrigation systems directly of the sun. (No batteries, three-phase). Hybrid GRID TIED systems for home use / with battery backup to cover power failures. Solar powered "filling stations" for electric vehicles.Solar powered solutions for GAME LODGES. All these systems solve numerous operational challenges.”

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